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Anderson Bear Claw RetractorAnderson Bear Claw Retractor
Save 18%
Antrum Backbiting Punch DownwardAntrum Backbiting Punch Downward
Save 18%
Antrum Backbiting Punch RIghtAntrum Backbiting Punch RIght
Save 18%
Antrum Backbiting Punch UpwardAntrum Backbiting Punch Upward
Antrum Sinus Maxillary Suction Tube
Save 20%
Aufricht Nasal RetractorAufricht Nasal Retractor
Save 20%
Aufricht-Peet Nasal RaspAufricht-Peet Nasal Rasp
Save 18%
Barnhill Adenoid Curette 8-1/2” CurvedBarnhill Adenoid Curette 8-1/2” Curved
Save 20%
Bipolar Tonsillectomy Coagulation ElectrodesBipolar Tonsillectomy Coagulation Electrodes
Blepharoplasty SetBlepharoplasty Set
Bookwalter Abdominal Retractor SetBookwalter Abdominal Retractor Set
Caplan Nasal Septum Scissor
Cataract Surgery Instrument SetCataract Surgery Instrument Set
Save 16%
Craig Septum ForcepCraig Septum Forcep
Derma CarrierDerma Carrier
Save 11%
Detachable Kerrison RongeursDetachable Kerrison Rongeurs
Electrosurgical LLETZ / LEEP Ball ElectrodesElectrosurgical LLETZ / LEEP Ball Electrodes
Fomon Nasal Rasps TC Double EndedFomon Nasal Rasps TC Double Ended
Save 35%
Frazier Suction Tube with Atraumatic TipFrazier Suction Tube with Atraumatic Tip
Save 29%
Freer Septum Chisel 4mm Wide CurvedFreer Septum Chisel 4mm Wide Curved
Save 29%
Freer Septum Chisel 4mm Wide StraightFreer Septum Chisel 4mm Wide Straight
Save 24%
Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) SetFunctional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) Set
Save 14%
Glabella Nasal TC RaspGlabella Nasal TC Rasp
Gubisch Rhinoplasty Instruments SetGubisch Rhinoplasty Instruments Set
House Gel Foam Press ForcepsHouse Gel Foam Press Forceps
Save 36%
House Stapes CuretteHouse Stapes Curette
Hunweiser Antrum Grasping Forceps
LEEP/LLETZ  Schroeder Uterine Tenaculum ForcepsLEEP/LLETZ  Schroeder Uterine Tenaculum Forceps
Save 23%
Liposuction Fat Injection Gun 60ccLiposuction Fat Injection Gun 60cc
LLETZ four Way Lateral 4-BladesLLETZ four Way Lateral 4-Blades

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