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Septoplasty Instruments SetSeptoplasty Instruments Set
Save 35%
Frazier Suction Tube with Atraumatic TipFrazier Suction Tube with Atraumatic Tip
Save 20%
Nasal Bi-Turbinate Probe 17.5cmNasal Bi-Turbinate Probe 17.5cm
Tympanoplasty Instruments setTympanoplasty Instruments set
Fomon Nasal Rasps TC Double EndedFomon Nasal Rasps TC Double Ended
Gubisch Rhinoplasty Instruments SetGubisch Rhinoplasty Instruments Set
Meltzer Adenoid Punch Triangular JawsMeltzer Adenoid Punch Triangular Jaws
Save 18%
Antrum Backbiting Punch RIghtAntrum Backbiting Punch RIght
Save 36%
House Stapes CuretteHouse Stapes Curette
Save 16%
Craig Septum ForcepCraig Septum Forcep
Save 14%
Glabella Nasal TC RaspGlabella Nasal TC Rasp
Save 24%
Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) SetFunctional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) Set
Save 20%
Aufricht-Peet Nasal RaspAufricht-Peet Nasal Rasp
Save 20%
Aufricht Nasal RetractorAufricht Nasal Retractor
Save 18%
Antrum Backbiting Punch DownwardAntrum Backbiting Punch Downward
Save 18%
Antrum Backbiting Punch UpwardAntrum Backbiting Punch Upward
PTFE Jobson Horne 18cmPTFE Jobson Horne 18cm
House Gel Foam Press ForcepsHouse Gel Foam Press Forceps
Save 18%
Wieder Tongue DepressorWieder Tongue Depressor
Scalpel Handle No. 7Scalpel Handle No. 7
Takahashi Nasal Forceps 2.5 mm x 8 mmTakahashi Nasal Forceps 2.5 mm x 8 mm
Save 18%
Barnhill Adenoid Curette 8-1/2” CurvedBarnhill Adenoid Curette 8-1/2” Curved
Save 29%
Freer Septum Chisel 4mm Wide StraightFreer Septum Chisel 4mm Wide Straight
Save 29%
Freer Septum Chisel 4mm Wide CurvedFreer Septum Chisel 4mm Wide Curved

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